An access-to-services portal

The vision was for a single point of access to services for a targeted demographic.

This was a broad content-development effort, ranging from search-data analysis to scripting an web video.


Content developer


To develop an information architecture and write content for a government portal.


Content development; information architecture; web video production; focus groups; user models; content models; SEO.


The first step was analysis. What was our demographic really like, beyond the clichés? How does this drive content? And style? And mode of presentation? Remembering Jakob Nielsen’ point about educated guesses, I worked heavily with search data, a pre-development focus-group report, and whatever best practices I could locate. The outputs were some user and content models.

Having clear models meant not having to second-guess myself during the actual content development. This phase involved both research – identifying and prioritizing suitable resources – and writing – summarizing and repurposing in a consistent authorial voice appropriate to the audience.

An interesting side-project was the introductory video. My main role was to source a suitable actor and write the script, though I provided input throughout the process.