About me

Hello. I’m Chris Burd. I’m a freelance professional who does business analysis, writing, and information design.

I live with my family in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, but will travel widely for the right job.

As a business analyst, I serve as the bridge between the client (and other stakeholders) and the system developers. I can talk to both sides.

As a writer, I do a lot of technical and user documentation, though I focus on high-level strategy and planning documents.

Content development deserves a paragraph of its own. Good web content is the result of effective user and content analysis. You need to know who you’re writing for and what you want to say. I can do that for you, as sole writer or as part of a team.

The art and practice that ties these strands together is information design: the transformation of unstructured data into meaningful, valuable information. I champion info-design principles in all areas of communication, though I’m especially interested in their visible forms, both in user interfaces and in data visualizations.